LSD: Reddit sensations

It’s slow times over here in singleland. No new dates, no good prospects. Picture an actual tumbleweed rolling across my okc profile and that’s pretttttyyy much the current state of affairs. So what’s a dating blogger to do when she has no dates? Stalk her blog’s stats page, of course.

Confession: we enjoy looking at our stats the way some people enjoy watching porn. True, you can’t get much more narcissistic than obsessing over how many people are reading a blog that you write about yourself, but it’s just so fun! We can see who is reading in foreign countries. We can see the google search terms people use before they click to our site (these are so completely amazing that they deserve their own post. Stay tuned.) And while this all makes us feel very cool, the actual number of hits we get on a daily basis is, well, let’s call it humble.

Anyway, last week I signed onto the stats page and saw this:

stucu stats reddit

Those are our views per day. Wow, I thought, I know my K posts were riveting, but literally three times the typical number of people visited on those two days. I’m not going to lie, my heart started racing a bit. Did Mindy Kaling tweet about us? Did Tina Fey stumble upon the blog while doing research for a movie about online dating and email a link to all her contacts in Hollywood? Is she about to hire us as screenwriters!?! SHOULD I QUIT MY JOB???

Then I noticed something else:

stucu stats reddit links

Stucu was on Reddit. Here’s what I knew about Reddit up until this point:

  • It’s a sausage fest. Roughly 50% of okc profiles I read mention reddit somewhere in their profile, but I’ve never once heard any girl I know mention it. The only time I’d actually been on the site was when my friend’s husband (Hi Mr. R!) emailed me links to stories. Here is an actual stat that I looked up, because I felt like doing that instead of finishing my work today:                                         reddit stat

That’s from a PBS video that you can check out here if you’re stuck in an airport or a prison cell and you have 8 minutes to kill. Anyway, back to what I knew about Reddit when I made my discovery:

  • The site design/interface is overwhelming. And quite frankly, ugly. Would it kill the good people of Reddit to add a little production value? Maybe a new font or color scheme? A format that doesn’t make me want to blow my brains out?
  • There are approximately 5 fafillion “sub-categories” including, as it turns out, one about OKcupid.
  • The concept is to vote posts up and down, so the more popular posts are at the top of each page. The comments are also notoriously…spirited (translation: nasty).

But the question still remained: how did we end up on Reddit in the first place? I clicked the first link and saw this:

reddit ward

I recognized our promoter as W, a friend of a friend of L’s who has become a loyal reader, even though he’s never actually met any of us. What a great shout out! This was exciting. Stucu was getting a ton of a lot more traffic. Tina Fey would be calling any day now.

Thennnnn I noticed the comments. And while I’m still holding out hope that Tina, her husband Jeff Richmond, and their daughters Alice Zenobia and Penelope Richmond will all love and adore our blog, I’d say the men of Reddit have pretty much made up their minds about us. Please enjoy our favorite comments:

reddit death penalty

Rick Perry, is that you?

reddit still single

Ouch, 26 year old from CT who is “actually a llama”. Also, do you mean my response where I called K a really sweet, thoughtful guy and said I felt bad I wasn’t into him because he was so great? If that’s why I’m single, I might as well slap on a mumu and start adopting cats now, because I’m f-cked.

reddit hating women

Guess I’m doing my part to keep Reddit popular among the embittered male demographic. You’re welcome!

reddit jewess

Hitler, is that you?

reddit like

Oh okay, solitary girl on Reddit. Yes, it’s true we say ‘like’ a lot. D and I were actually cringing over the gchat convos I posted and the number of ‘likes’ that three well educated, grown ass women managed to drop. But honestly, you’re a 28 year old woman mocking strangers on an okcupid subreddit, so… people in glass houses. Also, it’s hardly surprising to be dissed by a bunch of hostile dudes behind their computer screens for deigning to (very nicely) reject a guy, but I guess gender solidarity means nothing to you. What’s that, Leslie Knope?

ovaries before brovaries


Last but not least, my favorite comment:

reddit got

K, is that you?

PS– Special thank you to W for pimping us out on Reddit and also for defending us against the haters! (I didn’t share that part, but he did. So nice). Even if we enraged a few mouth breathers, as Amanda Bynes would probably say, there’s no such thing as bad press. 

12 thoughts on “LSD: Reddit sensations

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  2. There is actually a lot of great content on that subforum. People are very helpful with ways to improve profiles, send messages, and avoid getting burned out. Misogyny (which, granted, pops up a lot) is called out almost immediately. I think both our brief glance at your blog and their brief glance at our subreddit served only to give a limited perspective on both.

    At the very least it’s helping guys avoid the common pitfalls of online dating (“hi” messages, post-rejection pining, nice guy syndrome, entitlement, etc.), which only serves to aid your quest.

    Anyone, I’ve enjoyed perusing this blog. Cheers.


    • That’s fair, and while Reddit is certainly not our jam, we have nothing against the site itself. Anything that can help guys avoid that infamous ‘hi’ message is fine by us! The comments were just too hilarious not to share haha.

      Thanks for reading!

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  8. First off I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
    I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your
    mind before writing. I have had a tough time clearing my mind
    in getting my ideas out. I truly do enjoy writing but it just
    seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally lost just trying
    to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips?
    Thank you!

    • Hi there, thanks for reading! I don’t want to speak for my co-bloggers (this is S) because veryone’s writing process is different, but when I’m starting out I try not to worry so much about doing things logically or in order. I tend to just type the first idea or thought that comes to my mind on a subject, get it on the page and see where that takes me. If I get stuck on that thought, I’ll jump to a new one, even if there’s no real flow between the two things just yet. Then I usually take a break, come back and re-read those thoughts and heavily edit or even delete things. More often than not, when my post finally does take shape it ends up having a different theme or tone than it did when I started.

      I do know what you mean about having a tough time clearing your mind, though. If I’m feeling really stuck, I either set it aside and come back to it or start writing a totally different post just to get the creative juices flowing (oh man, I can’t believe I just used the phrase “creative juices”. face palm.)

      I have no idea if that was helpful or not haha. Either way, thanks for reading and good luck with your writing!

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