L, S, and D are three 20-something friends living in three different east coast cities. L and S have been friends since they were 5 (there is an infamous birthday party video featuring musical chairs bullying to prove this), and S and D studied abroad together in college (arguably the most magical four months of their lives).

The idea for the blog came when S started regaling friends, family and co-workers with her ridiculous online dating tales. Everyone said, “You should start a blog!” So she recruited L and D, both hilarious and both single, and the rest is history.

And the name? Our tribute to a revered performance in a classic piece of cinema:

Meet the Ladies (LSD)

L lives in DC and is new to this whole “grown up dating thing.” She googles everything, and has an unofficial second career as a private investigator, cause she’s so darn good at online stalking. She’s also our resident Jew-ess, and we’re really hoping she’ll join JDate for realz so we can check out those nice, Jewish guys everyone wants to bring home to their parents.

S lives in Philly and is a reluctant online dating expert. After 9+ months she feels qualified to teach an advanced grad level course on rules, etiquette, and dos and don’ts. She likes to think of this blog as her syllabus. When she’s not helping her dates find their cars, she dreams about the adult acapella group she plans to start one day which will exclusively perform mashups. Her goal is to meet a great guy who isn’t terrified of adult acapella groups.

D lives in Boston and was hoping to recreate her parents’ love story by meeting her mate in law school and living happily ever after. Well, law school is over, and here we are on this blog, so we all know how that plan worked out. So now, when she’s not drinking large glasses of vino verde at home while streaming The Wonder Years and Wings on Netflix, she’s giving the online dating thing a whirl. Her main expertise is in having a lot of irrational fears, so she’s hoping to find a guy who is adept at managing them.

A few ground rules:

1) Y’all, we’re single twenty-something women who are online dating. We get enough weirdness, rejection, and inappropriate comments via messages on the actual dating sites we use, so please don’t add to our misery and post more insanity here.  We’re tough, but we’re human and this stuff hurts our feelings.

2) We want to keep this blog as anonymous as possible, to protect our dates (and our chances of getting a date ever again). So please don’t comment using our names, or with any details about us. Moms and Dads, we’re looking at you, ok? We know you’re so proud that your daughters are using the internet to find dateable men, but text us your enthusiastic comments, don’t post them on the site.

3) S blogs in purple, L blogs in red, and D blogs in blue. Sucks if you’re colorblind

4) Got something you want us to write about? Shoot us an email at stucublog@gmail.com and let us know what’s on your mind.

14 thoughts on “About

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  2. I just came across this blog and am loving it! I’m also in my late 20’s and have been trying the online dating scene on and off for a couple of years now. Coincidentally, my two best friends are also in different cities and we like to share our online dating stories with each other (except the lawyer because she’s married now!). 🙂

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting! We love to hear from fellow single ladies out there. Here’s hoping you and your friends are having better luck than us (although your lawyer friend sounds like she’s doing okay!)

      • Thanks for sharing! My other single best friend also lives in Philly and is our resident dating expert, lol. My lawyer friend met her current husband in law school.

        Have y’all ever tried eharmony? I recently decided to try a 3-month trial and have decided it’s my least favorite so far. I tried match before as well and wasn’t crazy about that one either. The free one has worked out for me the best so far (though, alas, just dates and nothing serious yet!).

        • Your lawyer friend lived my dream – meeting in law school. I’m glad someone achieved that goal!

          I, personally, have avoided eharmony so far, mostly out of some preconceived notions I have about it. Though I was contemplating giving it a trial. Now I’m not so sure I want to!

  3. SC LADIES! I love your blog. I’ve tried to do something like this about my own dating life in Vermont, but I always chicken out. Instead I email friends dating recaps. Haha! I’ll have to start cc’ing you – ladies in crime, this dating scene ain’t always pretty.

  4. Hi Gals,I have a question? I been talking to a gal from POF and finally met on a friday,stayed at her home til monday,got along great,no sex but made out,cuddled,she was crazy about me bevfore we met,now Im gettin the cold shoulder,she texted me and said “i need to think about it” what do I do??? Confused in Vancouver…..

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