We’re the worst: spring edition!

HAPPY SPRING!!!!! Dear God… I can’t believe we’ve actually pulled ourselves out of the dark, dirty gutter that was this winter and are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! (West coast peeps, feel free to skip this weather rant. Also, f*ck off). It’s also a legit city-wide holiday in my neck of the woods, so I couldn’t be more excited to haul ass to nearest Rita’s after work for a free treat.

Anyway, you may be wondering where we’ve been for the past few weeks. I know, we’re the worst. But since I don’t have an actual post about, you know, dating, to offer you at the moment, I thought I’d give you all a jaunty little update on what’s been going on in the lives of LSD. Because as you’ll soon see, our lives are riveting.

I’ll leave you to guess which bullet belongs to which blogger:

  • One of us is currently in the Caribbean on a “business trip”. While the other two of us know she’s actually working, we can’t help but use “business trip” in quotes since her Instagram is currently filled with pics of her drinking by pools.
  • One of us is MOH in a wedding next weekend and is also throwing the bachelorette two days beforehand. Shit is No. Joke.
  • One of us is neither out of town nor in a wedding, she’s just adopted a Dude-like attitude towards all non-essential life tasks lately:


Via: http://northbrookpl.tumblr.com/post/78789831417/what-day-is-it-only-the-16th-anniversary-of-the

  • One of us accidentally went on a first date with a Mormon. A Mormon. I mean…


Via: http://www.mitt-romney.co/tag/magic-underwear/

  • One of us actually cares about March Madness. Gross.
  • One of us has a first date coming up on Saturday.
  • One of us is still seeing someone who clearly hasn’t figured out how crazy she is yet. Either that or he’s into the crazy. TBD.
  • One of us can’t stop referring to herself in the third person.

So there you have it. We’re alive, we’re (mostly) well, and we actually do have some fun updates if you can bear with our busy schedules at the moment. And here’s one final piece of good news: none of us are as stupid as this guy. Go us!


Via: http://mashable.com/2013/04/18/high-five-day/


Dear loyal readers,

Allow me to sincerely apologize for the lack of consistent posting that’s been happening lately (and by “that’s been happening” I mean “will be continuing through this week”). I know what you’re thinking but I promise, we haven’t been spending all our time catching up on fall TV and shouting “TINA FEY, HAVE SEX WITH ME” while watching the Emmys.*

tina and amy

*S did in fact shout that exact sentence during the Emmys. Which she watched with her mom. Who spent most of the broadcast emphatically insisting that “Claire Danes is the worst.” I said all our time, thank you very much.

It’s true, the intoxicating promise of a new season of Nashville is a heady drug to three painfully single late 20-something women, but we promise we’re not abandoning you, not even for this goddess among mere mortals:


To put it plainly, shit has been cray. Additionally, D and I are both in a close friend’s wedding this weekend (YAY other S and guy S!) which is straight up going to be the party of the century (sorry/not sorry Kate and Wills). L will post this week if she has time, but either way I promise, starting next week we will return to a somewhat consistent schedule, filled with second hand embarrassment, poor grammar, and troubling selfies. Here’s a preview of an upcoming post of mine to whet your appetite: I’ve been seeing someone for most of this summer (who I actually mentioned on the blog before in a not so flattering way…oh me) and I broke it off with him last week. So you’d better believe I’m going to be dishing allllll about that fun experience as soon as I have the time to search for the proper GIFs. 


Have a great week, boos, and we’ll see you next week with some fresh content!