Message Monday: Tinder (NSFW)

Oh boy you guys. Get ready, because the message I’m about to share is outrageously crude and offensive.

Back in July, a couple friends were visiting Boston for a few days and staying with me. One night we went to a Sox game, and during that dead time between innings they convinced me to join Tinder. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s an app that links to your facebook profile. Specifically, your profile pictures. The gist is that, based on your location, a picture of a guy/girl comes up and you swipe right if you “like” them, and left if you don’t. If you swipe left, it brings up a new person. If you swipe “like”, and they have also “liked” you, then it tells you you’re a match and opens up a chat option. It’s a hookup site. I mean, it also tells you if you have friends and/or interests in common, and has a little area for you to write something up, but I feel confident in saying that approximately 2% of users actually look at that info. Anyway, I knew Tinder existed, and my feelings about the app prior to that night resembled this:


However, that night I agreed to join. I was having a great time with my friends, the beer was flowing, the Sox were losing – I was in a fantastic mood. And I hated to admit it, but once I started using it I actually kind of enjoyed it. There was something very satisfying about all that superficial swiping. And it made waiting for/riding the T more interesting, which is an accomplishment hard to come by because the T is the worst.

And then at 10 a.m. on a workday, some dude I had “matched” with sent me this:



Disturbed, but unable to just ignore the message, I responded.

tinder - 2

Who’re. BURN.


Pic(s) of the week: Cat Fancy

Happy Hump Day, guys and gals. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bring up that Geico camel, tempting though it may be, but I would like to discuss another controversial animal: the common house cat.

Unlike my co-blogger L, whose hatred for felines has been well covered, I happen to like cats. I grew up with them and I never understood why they get such a bad rap, especially from smug, superior dog owners (you know who you are, guys.) Cats are clean, adorable, quiet, and soft. I enjoy them.

So I’ve established that I like cats. And that I’m single. I’m sure now (logically) you’re probably assuming that a typical night in my apartment looks a little something like this:

For your information, I actually don’t currently own any cats, Nor do I own a recliner. But show me someone who doesn’t enjoy vanilla frosting and Goldie Hawn portraying a deranged shut in with a death wish for Meryl Streep, and I’ll show you a liar.

Now, why am I going on this cat tangent before 10 am on a Wednesday morning? GREAT question. Last weekend I was lying in bed after a night out, waiting to get sleepy, and passing the time (naturally) by cruising Okcupid on my phone. I’ve recently discovered the app’s semi-new location feature, which is basically Tinder. In other words, Okc finds your location and shows you the profile pics of other dudes who are close by. Pics only. And you either say nope, not interested, and trash their pic, or say yes, I’m into that. When you pick someone, Okc will then let you know if that person, while scrolling through their local matches, picks you as well. This is a pretty senseless concept as I’m pretty sure most people on Okc aren’t even using the feature, and mama needs more than a pic to decide if I want to go out with someone.

Having said that, scrolling through these pics and tossing them into the yay or nay column has become one of my favorite ‘bored and playing with my phone’ pastimes. Take this night in question, for instance, when literally in the span of four minutes I happened upon three amazing/terrifying/creepy profile pics featuring men and CATS. Please note the time on each screen cap; when I say one right after the other I’m not joking. And please. Enjoy.

Creepy Cat Profile Pic #1:


Well that is… a face that not even a cat lover, and dare I say not even a mother could love. Terrifying. Also made me immediately think of this wildly racist, infinitely creepy little jaunt from a seminal Disney classic that yes, I’ve already referenced on the blog:

I was going to get all high and mighty about the cats being the villains in every movie but actually, looking at that creature perched on Beardsy McHipster, I totally believe that it’s an evil killing machine. Like, I’m assuming our man friend took it into the bathroom because he’s afraid if he leaves it alone it will figure out a way to kill him? And you know how I feel about bathroom selfies… a bathroom selfie with a terrifying animal perched on one’s shoulders is some next level shit.

Creepy Cat Profile Pic #2:


Ha. This one actually cracks me up. That kitty is adorable and I’m pretttyyyy sure this gentleman is driving. So wait, actually I’m a little alarmed… and come to think of it, he’s smiling for the camera, not looking at the road. That can’t be safe. Also, who’s taking the picture? Why is the cat out of a carrier and just like, straight chillin’ in the car? Where are you guys going? You’re not one of those creepy people who walks his cat on a leash, are you? Because even I’m scared of that.

cat leash

Creepy Cat Pic #3:


If this find doesn’t call for a mic drop, I don’t know what does.

beyonce drops-mic-o