Pic of the Week: Ummmmmm?

This pic of the week is so confusing for me. I have so many questions.

pic of the week - blacked out tattoos

1) What’s even happening here? Hernia, food poisoning, stab wound, what?

2) I shudder to ask this question, but what is he holding in his hands? And what is he doing with it? That’s as far as I’ll go with this line of inquiry…

3) Although this was taken in a bathroom, it’s not a self shot. Which begs the questions: a) Who took this picture? and b) Why? There’s clearly something wrong, why is this creepy photographer documenting his pain instead of coming to his aid?

4) That left thigh muscle terrifies me. Not technically a question, but still.

5) Why is he wearing tights? Is he a simpleton’s Robin Hood: Men in Tights? Couldn’t get his hands on a period vest or white button down, so black tights and a plain white T had to suffice? FYI: Cary Elwes and his band of merry men do it better buddy. Both physically, and because they had Mel Brooks.

Robin Hood Men In Tights