OKC Questions: D’s Makers and Breakers

In the final installment of this series, I reveal three OKC questions that I judge potential dates on. While L and S had questions influenced by their parents, I’m the odd woman out here. Both of my parents are lawyers (and tried in vain to talk me out of following in their footsteps – at the age of 24 I was still ignoring my parents’ sound advice to my own detriment), so I mostly grew up with an appreciation/love of arguing. Usually in a very tedious and annoying manner. I’m super fun at parties! Though they did take us on a lot of cool vacations, so in a way they inspired me to care so much about this first question:

1) The Traveling Question:


In addition to the fact that I get restless when I’m in 1 place for a more than a month, I genuinely love traveling. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 hour drive away, a 10 hour flight away, a place I’ve been to a thousand times, or somewhere I’ve never been before. I’ve been to 39 states and 11 countries (spanning 3 continents – the goal is one day to visit all 7). I visit Philadelphia so regularly that when I was there two weeks ago, one guy I’ve met a few times was shocked to find out I don’t actually live there. My passport is impatiently waiting for its next stamp (and it looks like it might get it next spring!!). I am a traveler. And while I don’t mind traveling alone, I would like for it to be a shared passion in my relationships.

2) The Kidney Question:


Setting aside the broader issue of organ donation in general (which I think is very important), this question does not ask “would you donate a kidney to someone you went on 3 dates with?” or “your significant other is dying and even though it’s totally pointless, won’t save their life, and won’t even buy them an extra minute on earth, would you give them one of your kidneys?”.  It asks if you would donate a kidney to your significant other if it would SAVE THEIR LIFE. This is mandatory for me because if you would choose to let your significant other die over parting with an expendable organ, then fuck you. I hope you enjoy that extra kidney when you’re 73 and alone because it’ll be all you’ve got you heartless asshole.

3) The Promises Question:


S laughs at how militant I get when talking about this question, but let me explain. Obviously I don’t want to be with someone who only keeps promises when it’s convenient. Or even someone who “usually” keeps them, which implies that on occasion they arbitrarily decide to just forget their word when something better comes along. No thanks. At the same time, it’s impossible to keep all of your promises, because none of us controls the world. Lots of things that are out of our hands might occur, preventing us from keeping a promise: asteroids, food poisoning, plane crashes, a polio outbreak, a ponzi scheme that bankrupts you. Show me someone who claims to always keep their promises, and I’ll show you a liar. I don’t date liars.

So there you have it folks – a little look inside what’s important to L, S and D. Hope you enjoyed this three-part series!