Message Monday: Changes

This gem appeared in my inbox last week:

change a man message

Whoa. Way to lay your relationship concerns on the table before we’ve even exchanged one written word. Homeboy here just wants to make sure, before he spends $12-$30 buying me some drinks and mozzarella sticks, that I am not going to try and cramp his style.

Look dude, I understand, where this is coming from. Everyone I know over the age of 15 is walking around with a full on 3-piece luggage set filled with fears about repeating past relationship mistakes or strangers hurting us in ways we hadn’t even considered before.

emotional baggage

But just because I have my share of emotional baggage doesn’t mean I message guys on OKC and say things like,:

  • “Are you the kind of guy who asks girls out on a second, third, or fourth date and then just disappears?”
  • “Do you kiss like an aggressive bird who is trying to build a nest for his family before the wintertime frost?”
  • Do you have a girlfriend whom you murdered and stored under the floorboards, all while continuing to use her eye makeup remover wipes for ‘camping'”?

As much as I’d like to know these things before I go out with someone, asking them sounds crazy. And I don’t need any help sounding crazy, ok? I DO THAT VERY WELL ON MY OWN THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

 I was not going to respond to this guy’s message or anything, but it made me curious, and I had a feeling he’d make good blog material, so I meandered my way over to his profile to learn more about him. And what did I find?

change a man profile 1

change the man profile 2

SURPRISE,SURPRISE. What do we have here but another nice guy of OKCupid?? So nice in fact, that he harbors vaguely homophobic tendencies (his answers to questions are the top answers, mine are the bottom):

change a man question 3 redo

Also, a possible white supremacist:

change a man question 1 redo

Hmm, well maybe he is super smart. Oh, wait:

change a man question 2 redo

Btw, sir, Christopher Columbus called, and he wants me to tell you that even HE knew that. He also told me to tell you that you and I have nothing in common and that you would have change significantly if you even wanted to get through a beer together before I dumped mine on your head. #imaginaryconversationswithexplorers

Lastly, readers, I’d like to conclude this post with the higher level reminder to you that, despite what our dear friend might think, change is a good thing. But don’t take my word for it. Take his:

I mean, I actually just wanted to end this post with the musical stylings of Tupac, which is how I conclude all of my written work whenever I can. You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Message Monday: Changes

  1. Haha, those kinds of messages are my favorite! I almost ALWAYS respond. To his question, I would have replied “CHANGE THEM IMMEDIATELY” or something obnoxious, and given myself a good laugh. They usually don’t reply back to me. 😦

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