Message Monday – Unemployed

Happy Independence Week (American) readers!! I have a 3 day week this week, which is glorious, but also means I have a ton to get done in the next few days, so that I can properly enjoy my long weekend lakeside. So this’ll be a short Message Monday.

Last Monday, my “bagel” of the day and I matched. Meaning, we had both liked each other, and now had a message chat room open through the app. Typically, Coffee Meets Bagel opens the chat room and provides a ice breaker question to get the conversation off to a more interesting start than “Hey.” This was no exception, and the app asked us “What would you rather be doing right this second?” I was busy with something at work, so I didn’t reply right away. 2 hours later, my bagel responded:

message monday - unemployed

Well. That’s a huge debbie downer. Nothing says “hey, I like you and we should get to know each other” like unemployment.

debbie downer

I mean, it’s probably a very accurate answer to the question asked, and kudos to him for his honesty, I guess, but couldn’t he just say something like “spending the day at the beach.” I suppose it’s possible that, in his current predicament, spending the day at the beach was actually precisely what he was doing, so wasn’t a viable answer. But come up with something positive to say. Or at least some innocuous activity. Because, although I won’t immediately judge/fault someone for being unemployed, I’d like any potential relationship to at least start off in a positive place. And that answer is just depressing.

5 thoughts on “Message Monday – Unemployed

  1. Please tell me your “What would you rather be doing” response was: “…not being in this conversation.”

    • Hahaha. I actually went with no response, because I honestly didn’t know how to proceed. But that’s a good one! The best responses always come up after its too late!

  2. Haha, that’s hilarious! I can relate to him as I just left my job… But I don’t know if that’s the first thing I would say to a potential date.

    Then there’s the old double-standard: I probably wouldn’t go out with an unemployed guy (unless he was REALLY cute :p). But I think men are more willing to date unemployed women. Out of curiosity, if he seemed cool otherwise, would you have met him, knowing he was unemployed?

    • Yeah, if he seemed cool otherwise, I absolutely would have met him. These are hard times man, unemployment happens. But he didn’t showcase ANY positive aspect of himself. He just started out with “hey, I’m unemployed.” Yeah, no thanks. Also, he wasn’t REALLY cute (I agree that that’s TOTALLY a factor!).

      Thanks for reading, and good luck with the job thing!

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