Pic of the Week – Automatic -150 points

For the average person, there is nothing wrong with this picture. It’s a pretty normal, tame profile picture. Just an (admittedly) cute guy and his school mascot. But for those with half a brain a discerning eye, there is a lot wrong with this picture.

Boston College - gross

Boston College is the WORST.

The only thing that could make this picture more awful would be if he was wearing a superfan shirt. Unless it’s this one, in which case, +300 points.

Boston Superfraud shirt

tshirt credit to barstool sports.

Also, true or false: at the wedding that S and D were recently in, we (and about 30+ others), became incensed and loudly boo’d and heckled the DJ when he asked all BC grads to come out to the dance floor for a special picture with the bride and groom. We went to BU you fool – get your shit together.

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