Dear loyal readers,

Allow me to sincerely apologize for the lack of consistent posting that’s been happening lately (and by “that’s been happening” I mean “will be continuing through this week”). I know what you’re thinking but I promise, we haven’t been spending all our time catching up on fall TV and shouting “TINA FEY, HAVE SEX WITH ME” while watching the Emmys.*

tina and amy

*S did in fact shout that exact sentence during the Emmys. Which she watched with her mom. Who spent most of the broadcast emphatically insisting that “Claire Danes is the worst.” I said all our time, thank you very much.

It’s true, the intoxicating promise of a new season of Nashville is a heady drug to three painfully single late 20-something women, but we promise we’re not abandoning you, not even for this goddess among mere mortals:


To put it plainly, shit has been cray. Additionally, D and I are both in a close friend’s wedding this weekend (YAY other S and guy S!) which is straight up going to be the party of the century (sorry/not sorry Kate and Wills). L will post this week if she has time, but either way I promise, starting next week we will return to a somewhat consistent schedule, filled with second hand embarrassment, poor grammar, and troubling selfies. Here’s a preview of an upcoming post of mine to whet your appetite: I’ve been seeing someone for most of this summer (who I actually mentioned on the blog before in a not so flattering way…oh me) and I broke it off with him last week. So you’d better believe I’m going to be dishing allllll about that fun experience as soon as I have the time to search for the proper GIFs. 


Have a great week, boos, and we’ll see you next week with some fresh content!

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