Message Monday – Arrested Development

The dry spell continues for me, due in large part to the continued influx of creepy sexual messages (stay tuned for details on why I quit POF). But a couple weeks ago I got a message that indicated the guy had actually read my OKC profile, and all the way through at that. That’s a promising sign. The very last section of every OKC profile is titled “You should message me if.”  In addition to a reference to Carhartt, mine says that you should message me if you’re excited that Arrested Development is coming back. Today is Memorial Day and I don’t know what you all are doing to celebrate on this holiday, but I’m currently on a day-long date with my wii watching the Bluth family once again cluck like deranged chickens.

ad-chicken-dance-8  Lindsay and Gob chicken dance

has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken

I’m in heaven, I could not be happier about how my Monday is playing out.

Anyway, back to the message. This guy had clearly read to the end, because the message he sent expressed shock and excitement that the dreams of AD fans everywhere were finally coming true:  

Arrested Development is back

Annnnnnnd, END SCENE. That was the last I heard from this fellow.

Once he was done getting all the deets on the upcoming 4th season, I was uesless. He wasn’t actually interested in talking to me, because apparently he confused a dating website for a personalized Siri-like IMDB. Glad I was able to help him out!

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