Pic of the Week: Dog, Baby, no boy

Here’s a little gem from someone that messaged me last week:

EDITED VERSION - terrible picture baby and dog 2-19-213

Dude, follow the rules. OK Cupid says you have to post a picture of you. (Even if it’s grossly inaccurate.) It also specifically says no babies and animals, and you’ve managed to incorporate both. 

Now, maybe you’re trying to be funny. I mean, baby trapped inside a dog’s cone is kinda funny. And, it would be sort of funny to think of either of them saying, “come at me bro.” I’m a little concerned about your judgement if you’d shove a toddler, who is wearing mismatched socks, BTW,  into a big dog’s face just for a funny OKC profile photo shoot. But I give you some credit for picking a photo that makes people laugh. (Instead of cry, which is what happens most of the time when you look at the photos of people who actually message you).

But, what’s this?  If I look more closely, I’ll see that you didn’t even come up with this yourself! You got it from some weird, spam laden tumblr. Zero points for creativity, BRO. Looks like I won’t be coming at you any time soon.



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