Pic of the Week: Scion Dealership

pic of the week contender 2


  • The pose. It’s not a Porsche buddy, no need to look so smug in front of it.
  • IN the Scion Dealership. I’m unclear as to what’s happening here. Did you buy this car? Do you work here? Was this just a Sunday Funday activity, hitting up all the local car dealers and taking pictures in front of unimpressive cars?
  • The car. I can barely see you, so you’re clearly posting this to show off that car and newsflash, it’s not a swoon worthy car. Scion doesn’t exactly scream luxury or performance, so there’s really no reason to brag. Besides, whether you own a Maserati or a 2001 Honda Civic, using a picture of you and your car on your online dating profile just makes you look like a tool.

Conclusion: The implied takeaway is that he’s just a normal guy with a nice little economical car (assuming he bought it and isn’t just doing his best Joey impression sans a sweet fanny pack). The actual takeaway is that he loves that car so much that he would probably treat it better than he would treat me, whether he owns it or just visits it at the dealership sometimes. As Si frequently says:

Si - Homey Don't Play That

2 thoughts on “Pic of the Week: Scion Dealership

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