Pic of the Week: Beverly Hills Polo Club

After last week’s post we received a lot of requests for more profile pictures. Ask and you shall receive, people! This is literally the easiest task we’ve ever been given. It took me all of 40 seconds to find something for you all to enjoy. And if I don’t have to doctor a pic to make it anonymous, you KNOW it’s gonna be good…

pic of the week shirtless

Talking Points:

  • Beverly Hills Polo Club. Omg. What is our best guess re: the origin of these? Ross? Burlington Coat Factory? A cart in Chinatown? Please don’t take me for a snob; I frequent all of these establishments (except the carts in Chinatown… mama needs to have some standards) but the fact that these are being flashed as a status symbol is beyond amazing to me.
  • The belt. Sigh. I’m afraid nothing will make me happier for the rest of the week than this belt (probably why I’m single). Simply majestic.
  • Hairy, undefined torso. Close up. Again, I am farrr from a model so it’s not my place to judge anyone’s body, but why are you putting it out there in high def in the first place? I don’t want to stare into the terrifying abyss that is your belly button any more than I want to know where I can get that belt (that’s a complete lie. I need that belt ASAP).

Conclusion: Dude is doing his best Sisqo impression circa 2000 and failing miserably. Coincidentally I just remembered how much I used to love Dru Hill… looks like I just found my soundtrack for the rest of the day.

2 thoughts on “Pic of the Week: Beverly Hills Polo Club

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