Message Monday: u can always block your #

message monday block your #

This message is short but beautiful in its simplicity. What I want to talk about is not the poor grammar, the incomplete single sentence, or the fact that he shared his phone # with a total stranger on the internet, all of which are (I’m sorry to report) fairly common offenses. I’d like to address the following:

“u can always block your #”

EHHHHHH. I’m sorry. Assuming you meant to say “you can always block my #”, is this actually what you tell a girl to try to get her to go out with you? You reassure her that if–BEST CASE SCENARIO–she finds you super annoying, and worst case she has to file a legitimate restraining order against you and sleep with a knife under her pillow, she’ll at least have the option of blocking your calls down the line? As tempting as it sounds to “see what happen” (aka whether or not I successfully escape with my life) I think I’ll pass.

The second most disturbing thing about this? According to okc we’re an 81% match. Kill me. Oh wait, this guy actually might. 

4 thoughts on “Message Monday: u can always block your #

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